My main aim in all the music and audio I create is to take the listener on a journey and use my knowledge of
frequency, resonance and vibration to improve their well-being and uplift their state.

I have always been fascinated by sound, frequencies and how they influence us, our bodies, innerworld  and the world around us.


Besides creating my own projects I also work as a Music Producer for different areas of the sound craft.

Checkout my services and portfolio below and feel free to contact me.

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Music for Artists

I enjoy the journey to find their sound together and creating music that can convey their message perfectly and with passion.

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VR & Immersive Audio for Games

I provide music and audio for art-installations, VR-Projects and (Spatial) Audio for the video game industry.

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Music & Audio for Events

When creating audiovisual presentations I use my expertise in the entertainment industry, spiritual scene and my knowledge of music and frequencies to create experiences that will

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Music for Commercials & Brands

Creating the perfect music to convey the image to the viewers is something I am trained in and can help you with.

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