The Source Portal Meditations

Unite your inner Mother, Father and Child to reconnect to your core essential self ❤️


What are The Source Portal Meditations?

Welcome to the Source Portal that you are!

In this unique collaboration between Hira Hosèn and Leo Melcherts, we will guide you into unifying the feminine and masculine energies within you by reconnecting to your own source: your unique frequency.
Taking this journey into your inner landscape creates a flow of awakening, activating your dormant manifestation powers so that the outer world can start to reflect your true frequency back to you, after stepping through the Source Portal in 3 powerful meditations.

We will connect to the physical body elemental, the child of Gaia, where Gaia is the living spirit of the Earth. Then we continue to connect to the Sky Father, or we can call it space, or ‘the universe’, and we unify these two forces with reconnecting to your core essential self. Experience the joy of remembering, of reconnecting to your true frequency, and of embodying it all RIGHT NOW on this earth plane.

Day 1 – The Mother

  • Connecting to Mother Earth
  • Grounding, Safety
  • Embodyment
  • Feeling Love in every cell of your body
  • Breathing
  • Creating Awareness
  • Observing the breath
  • Expanding consciousness
  • Relaxing the body
  • Moving to the inner landscape

Day 2 – The Father

  • Connecting to Father Sky
  • Expansive view, connecting to Space
  • Feel the love for the universe
  • Universal connection to life
  • Opening the Crown
  • Golden Liquid light connection
  • The 12th wave of the new earth
  • Receiving energy into the central channel
  • Every Cel awareness

Day 3 – The Child

  • Connecting to your inner Child
  • Purity
  • The Pure Heartspace
  • Letting the thoughts and feelings flow
  • Your unique frequency reconnection
  • Embody my core essential self
  • Clarity
  • Curious, open aware awake

Hira Hosèn

Hira initially came to planet Earth to catalyze the great shift of global awakening. Gratefully holding the light for humanity throughout many lifetimes, she’s been joyfully supporting mass ascension on planetary, cosmic and universal levels of existence. Since our human collective has manifested a split in 2020 in 2 different timelines, she’s now allowing herself to rest deeper in a state of being, actively co~creating and manifesting the new light paradigm, a timeline filled with high vibrational experiences and connections only. Through being, embodying and expressing our true frequency, we channel divine source~energy into our human collective, Earth and the entire universe. In our planet’s soul journey, we’re at the end of several planetary cycles, where we’re all given the unique opportunity to now complete our learning cycles. We can choose to move forwards freely into the next levels of our personal ascension journeys, allowing us to access new areas of being and higher levels of consciousness.


Leo Melcherts

That’s it!

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